Be Sincere With Patter

Be Sincere With our Patter

Patter is the “chit chat” you make with your audience between songs and sometimes during musical introductions and instrumental breaks. Whether it is the thank you after applause and an introduction of the next song or a story about how you made minute rice, be truly interested in sharing the information with your audience. Trust your audience enough to share part of the personal you. Remember, your audience is your friend!

As in “real life” communication, keep your “patter” interesting by using variations in pitch and tonality. Pitch changes prevent patter from becoming monotone. Your patter with your audience will continue to be interesting if you use higher and lower pitches as you express your ideas.

Pitch changes in your patter is also used to communicate your state of mind. High and varied tones usually represent elation of spirit and excitement. Low and uniform tones can represent depression of spirit or a special confidence with others or an acceptance of others. Let your song dictate your state of mind.

People lift their limbs, their bodies and their minds when they start to do something. When they complete what they have to do, people let their hands fall at their sides or they lie down or sit down. Our lungs rise with inspiration of breath and fall with expiration of breath. These seem to be laws of nature. Thus, the upward or downward use of pitch not only expresses your motivation but also keeps your patter new, appealing, and alive.

See you on stage!