Audtioning Tips from Little Fish in a Big Pond by Lizzie Maxwell

To The Audition!

You’re about to be called in. You’ve been sitting in the room with your competition. There are people who look the part more than you. It doesn’t matter. The one who gets the part is the one that brings that interesting characterization of a human being in with them. If you are prepared, the nervousness will dissipate. The actor before you comes out smiling like he/she’s the one that got the part. Not true. The part is yours. There are other actors there who will trip you up. The talkers. They’re nervous, so they want to talk. Don’t fall into it.

One of the tricks Lizzie used to fight nervousness in her more insecure days was to imagine everyone in the room naked. At least, she got a good laugh, and distracted her nerves.

Just say to yourself, I know nothing except that I am only trying to be the best I can be. To hell with the competition. There is none!

Your name rings out. It’s your turn. Take center stage. You’re calling the shots. You’re in charge. Go in there. This is YOUR time. Take it. Don’t start until YOU’RE ready. You are in control. They are watching you and watching you get into character. Let them see the transformation. Okay, now take a breath. Be your character. Smile and begin. You’re there, and even if you don’t get the part, it’s from nothing you did. You did everything right. You’re in control.

Casting directors can spot a phony a mile off, and if you’re nervous, well, just forget it. Again, it comes down to loving yourself and being comfortable with who you are.