Audition Hell: Limbo

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Level Seven: Limbo
By Elias Stimac

Anyone who has ever auditioned, interviewed, or been tested for any job has probably thought this at least one time – could I have done anything differently, could I have varied my approach, could I have been better? It is inevitable that you are going to think of at least three things you might have altered about your tryout if you just had another chance. It’s fine to make a mental note of those items in your head. It’s not fine to dwell, or worse, re-enact the situation over and over in your head, kicking yourself for not adding or changing what you thought you should have added or changed. Just forget about what could have been and move on. Easier said than done, to be sure but it is crucial to proper mental health and less taxing than eternal regret.

Doubting oneself after the audition is over is the biggest waste of time imaginable. Just let it go. Life goes on.

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