Audition Hell: Level Six – Parting Shots

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Level Six: Parting Shots
With your host, Dan Woren

Lets say you make it through the actual audition. It’s not over yet! The director or casting person may have a few questions for you, they may want to hear another scene or selection, or they may request that you stick around for a while. If they don’t mention anything about callbacks, do not lose hope – you still might have a voicemail waiting for you by the time you get home. Or you may hear a week later that they want to see you again. Or you could be placed in their file and contacted a year from now as a replacement for the touring production. Always be hopeful, it’s better than being defeatist.

Finally, you say your goodbyes and your thank-yous and you head for the exit. Don’t trip. Don’t drop anything. Don’t attempt to leave through the broom closet. Do say something clever or pleasant as you pass through the door. Leave ’em laughing, or at least remembering you. This may or may not work miracles, but it doesn’t hurt to throw out a parting shot that will stick in their heads. You don’t have to think of something that is witty and profound, just a fitting comment that shows a little more of your personality or sums up the situation.

In our next Career Cues, we’ll explore the final Level of Audition Hell … Level Seven – Limbo. Break a leg!