Audition Hell: Late, Rushed, Flustered – audition tips by Elias Stimac

Level Two: Late, Rushed, Flustered

All of those elements are heightened to the nth degree when you are running late for your audition or call time. Regardless the reason why you’re late, you’re probably already nervous and it’s made worse when you are racing to be on time. What should you do? First, try to let people know you’re running late. Be apologetic but not overly so. And, stay calm even in the heat of traffic to help you maintain the cool demeanor necessary to stay focused on the goal at hand – namely, impressing the director and casting team. Regardless of how late you arrive, everything will go much smoother if you arrive composed and clear-headed.

Particularly for TV, commercial, and film casting auditions – you may not get a lot of notice about the audition. Some actors have been called the morning of the call and are asked to come that afternoon. The short lead time is sure to add to your stress level, but have no fear, the casting people will most likely take that into account and adjust their expectation levels accordingly. Of course, if you come in fresh and ready to go, you will stand out. So think like a boy scout and always be prepared to jump into any casting situation you encounter.

In our next Career Cues, we’ll explore Level Three of Audition Hell … First and Worse Impressions.

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