An actor’s hands are important: easy tips for good nails

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Nails! Why are they so important for a model or actor?

Hi! I’m Nina Fehren. Welcome back to “Being Beautiful Inside & Out,” by actor and model, Ann Marie Crouch.

Why are nails so important you ask? Ann Marie has actually lost jobs because she didn’t take care of fingernails.

As a young model, she just never thought nails were really that big of a deal. Maybe for the older, more sophisticated models who show jewelry and makeup, but a teenager?

All actors and models should take care of their nails. If you are unsure how to get started, go and get a manicure to see exactly how it is done. Then, each weekend take an hour or two for yourself. Put a mask on your face, deep conditioner in your hair and give yourself a manicure. Some people might look at this as “pampering” but think of it as part of your job. It is one of the necessary steps you need to do in order to be successful in your business. Could you imagine a breadmaker saying, “Oh I don’t feel like putting the yeast in today.” Or a surgeon saying, “You know I think we’ll skip the anesthesia on this one.” In order to complete anything successfully, there are steps to be taken, and modeling and acting are no exception.

Once you have the self-discipline to take care of your nails, you will be amazed in the rise of your self-confidence! It’s true! The way you hold your hands will be different. Be proud of your short, yet, well kept nails. Model and Actor Jessica Rey has some great tips for manicures.

Remove old nail polish
File nails and remember to always file nails in one direction so the nail does not split.
Soak hands in warm water and scrub nails gently with a small nail brush to remove any dirt.
Push cuticles back.
Put on a few coats of clear polish.
Another good tip is to use a nail protein between polishes and avoid biting, or picking at nails.

As Ann Marie Crouch is often heard to say:
“Winning is accomplished in the preparation phase, not the execution phase.”

I’m Nina Fehren. In our next video article, Ann Marie teaches us about the importance of good fitness.

And remember, stay beautiful inside and out!