Actors Reporter Hosts’ Appearances
October to December 2010

Danika Quinn:

  • Hosts “American Courage.”
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    Danika Quinn her own radio show: Insider’s Health Radio every Tuesday and Thursday LIVE at 3-4p EST.
    Insider’s Health Radio

Joe Sabatino

  • Joe Sabatino in Atlanta shooting pilot of Necessary Roughness (USA Network / Sony)
USA Network - Necessary Roughness
USA Network – Necessary Roughness
  • Played the role of Detective Moscarelli on yet-to-be-released action film, “Joshua Tree,” directed by and starring Emilio Roso

Erica Mer

  • Erica appears in episode of The Office – November 4th 9pm NBC
  • Erica appears in episode of iCarly – November 19th 8pm Nickelodeon

Mary Jo Gruber:

  • Lead role in stage play “City of Lost Angels” at the Tre Stage Theatre in Hollywood.
  • Shot Episode 7 of the web series “The Resolve
  • Shooting a featured role in the upcoming feature film “She Wants Me,” starring Charlie Sheen and Hillary Duff. To be released in theatres in 2011.
    She Wants Me

Judith Jones

  • Played the lead role of Girlfriend in “Eight Minutes.” a short directed by Jeremy Graham.

Yi Tian

  • Played the role of Alice Lin in the short, “Two Lives,” directed and writted by Jebron Simckes-Joffe

Marta McGonagle

  • Played the lead role of Kate in “After Party,” directed by Micah Cohen
    After Party

Kim Estes

  • Played the role of Brian Blaylock in “After,” directed by Sabrina Gennarino

Desiree Anderson

  • Played the role of Alyssa Vaughn in TV episode of “Victorious”

Danny Pardo

  • Played the role of Acturo in drama “Verlaine,” directed by Nick Lentz.

Brett Howell

  • Played the role of Tristan in yet-to-be-released thriller “Machine Head,” directed by Jim Valdez.
    Machine Head

Pepper Jay

  • Played the role of the cleaning lady in the pilot of the yet-to-be-released webseries, “Webscreams,” directed by John Michael Ferrari.

Brett Walkow

  • From Las Vegas to South Carolina, Brett’s standup comedy show tours the country monthly
  • Lead role in film ‘Daniel Don’t Cry’
Brett on set
Brett on set

Lead role in film ‘December 21, 2012’ Currently filming ‘The Kiss’ Just shot a new ‘Dairy Queen’ Commercial