Actors Reporter Hosts’ Appearances April to June 2010

Brett Howell
Brett Howell just completed the shooting of “Devolved” and, in post production, he has two projects coming out, the first is “Leave,” and the second is “AmerAsian3.”

Danika Quinn
Danika Quinn is appearing as an host on the Internet site And, watch for Danika in the background of several episodes of “Entourage.”

Danny Pardo
Danny recently completed three movies that are in post production. Watch for “Double Tap,” “Verlaine,” and “Dancing On A Dry Salt Lake.” In addition, Danny Pardo’s Verizon commercial continues to run nationally.

Desiree Anderson
Desiree Anderson continues to walk to red carpet in Christian Audigier’s fashion shows. In addition, watch for Desiree in National Lampoon’s, “The Other Hef,” a pilot in which she co-stars. And in the project “Monika’s Day.” Also look for Entourage in the background on “Entourage.”

Joe Sabatino
May 12th: Joe Sabatino guest stars on “24.”

Joe Sabatino plays the part of “Bull,” in the movie soon to be released, “Sinatra Club.” See the interview with Danny Nucci, James Quattrochi, and Sal Polisi, by Joe at:

In addition to that, Joe completed a guest star role on the TV series “Brookwood Sleazebags.”

Producer: USA Network Picks Up Two Pilots and on is Necessary Roughness, a 90-minute pilot eyed for a summer shoot. Inspired by the true story of a female psychiatrist who takes a gig as a consultant to the New York Jets that leads to a new career for her, Necessary Roughness centers on a tough, sexy Long Island divorcee who, to make ends meet, becomes the therapist for a professional football team and quickly becomes sought after by other athletes, musicians, politicians and those living in the spotlight. Elizabeth Kruger and Craig Shapiro (Miami Medical) write the script. The duo, managed by Madhouse Entertainment, is executive producing with Kevin Dowling, who will direct, as well as Donna Dannenfesler and Joe Sabatino. Nikki Finke broke the story. 5/17/2010 Congratulations Joe.

Kim Estes

Kim Estes just completed a guest star role on “Grey Matter,” and on “House M.D.” In addition watch for Kim Estes in the thriller “Removal,” “Day Labor,” “Storage,” and “After.”

Kim Estes is nominated for an Emmy for his guest appearance on “House, M.D.” Congratulations Kim.
Enjoy article on Kim Estes by Bonnie Gillespe Article on Kim Estes

Marta McGonagle
Marta McGonagle just shot a guest star role on “How I Met Your Mother.” In addition, she just completed a drama thriller film called “Grown,” which is now in post production.

Nina Fehren
Watch for Nina Fehren in the TV episode of “Sonny With A Chance.” In addition, Nina just completed shooting the TV episode for “Turbulent Skies,” and is in production on a project called “Between Heaven and Earth.”

Pepper Jay understudies the lead, “Lena,” in “Brooklyn, U.S.A., at the Write Act Repertory Theatre in Hollywood, California.

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Shelly Kurtz & Pepper Jay in Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Shelly Kurtz & Pepper Jay in Brooklyn, U.S.A.