Actors Reporter Hosts’ Appearances October to December 2011

Danika Quinn

    • Danika Quinn is host on PJTV
Danika Quinn on PJTV set

Green screening it for Falco K9 Academy’s October Newsletter

Danika Quinn her own radio show: Insider’s Health Radio every Tuesday and Thursday LIVE at 3-4p EST.
Insider’s Health Radio


Danny Pardo

    • just booked an episode on “The Cleveland Show” as the voice of a Mexican announcer. A dream come true!

Desiree Anderson

Desiree Anderson for The Esley Collection

Desiree takes time out of filming to do a photo shoot in Gordon’s Bay, South Africa. Desiree’s African Photo Shoot Timelapse

Watch the trailer to Desiree Anderson’s new travel series:
Fire and Spice Travel TV
Fire and Spice Travel TV – Trailer

Desiree Anderson to travel to South Africa to host Fire and Spice Travel TV
Desiree Anderson to travel to South Africa to host Fire and Spice Travel TV
    • Desiree booked a national SAG Jack in the Box commercial That shoots on November 14th .. to learn more check out Desiree’s blog about the experience at Desiree Anderson’s Blog
Jack in the Box

Pepper Jay

    • Performance Coach Pepper Jay has completed her book, “Dynamic Song Performance Skills.”
Pepper Jay author of Dynamic Song Performance Skills

Pepper Jay quoted in Yerevan Magazine
Pepper Jay was interviewed for Houston Style Magazine,
So, You Want to be an Actor?, Friday, November 18th, 2011, by Susie Stillwell
Pepper Jay Interview in Houston Style Magazine
Pepper Jay is guest on CRN Digital Talk Radio

CRN Digital Talk Radio

on the LA LA Land Talk Show with hosts Brett Chapin and Neti Leddel.
LA LA Land Talk Show dedicates itself to Los Angeles Artists.

Judy Echavez

Judy Echavez

Brett Walkow

    •   Brett Walkow stars in A Guy Walked into a Bar which just surpassed 1,000,000 (that’s over one million) viewers!   Created by: Antonino Buzzone and Peter Vass Produced by: Alano Massi Directed by: Peter Vass
      A Guy Walks into Bar on YouTube

Joe Sabatino

    •   Supervising Producer on USA Network’s NECESSARY ROUGHNESS
      Picked up for an second season. Congratulations Joe and Donna and USA Network and Sony. And, congratulations Joe Sabatino on the amazing news … Callie Thorne has just been nominated by the Golden GlobeAward as best actress in a drama – “Necessary Roughness”. Inspired by a true story based on Joe’s sister, Dr. Donna Dannenfelser (co-supervising producer with Joe)
      The pilot for Necessary Roughness had 100% retention and focused on a tough, sexy Long Island divorcee (Callie Thorne) who re-energizes her
      life and career when she becomes a therapist for a
      professional football team. Underestimated at every
      turn, she succeeds beyond all expectations and soon
      finds herself the most sought-after therapist for
      high-profile clients. Athletes, musicians, politicians,
      and others living in the spotlight – all in a moment of
      crises – clamor for her unique brand of tough love

      Necessary Roughness had 100%retention (meaning no one tuned out) and it pulled 4.7 million viewers and its viewing audience climbed all through the show!!! (Necessary Roughness beat Suits and held fast with Royal Pains!) These numbers are unheard of – epecially for a pilot show. Congratulations Necessary Roughness.

John Michael Ferrari

    •   John Michael Ferrari wrote a song, entitled “Don’t Fall Between the Daylight” about teen suicide and teen “cutters.” Watch as 11 year old Katelyn Haynes sings it on YouTube at Katelyn Haynes

Also available as sung by its author, John Michael Ferrari on iTunes / John Michael Ferrari

Pepper Jay, John Michael Ferrari, Mary Jo Gruber, and Katelyn Haynes

    •   Provided voices for the upcoming animation “Love Sick Fool” by Dominic Polcino.

Yi Tian

    • “Two Lives”, the film starring Yi Tian, won the Silver Screen Award in the experimental category at the 2011 Nevada Film Festival.
      Two Lives was directed by Hebron Simckes-Joffe.
      Nevada Film Festival

Kim Estes

    • Guest star on recent episode of The Closer
    • Guest star on recent episode of Body of Proof
    • Starring in pilot of Hulu web series, “We Got Next”
    • Starring in pilot of independent TV show, Porno: The Series, directed by Robert Romeo
    • Kim Estes is hosting the Valley Film Festival opening night feature “We Gotta Get Buscemi” November 11th at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA
Kim Estes
    • Kim is co-emcee with Michaela Pereira, Channel 5 anchor, for the Long Beach Boys & Girls club Youth of the Year event held at the Grand – Long Beach Event Center November 17th

Catey Rudoy

    • Catey just was notified that both of her Walgreens commercials will be airing again this holiday season! She had a lot of fun last year filming them and she is really excited that they are airing again. Keep an eye out!

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