Actors Reporter Hosts’ Appearances January to March 2012

Joe Sabatino

  • Joe is a dancing airport baggage handler in a national I-Hop Commercial.

John Michael Ferrari

  • John plays lead role of school principal in film short, Jenny, opposite Jenny Kwan (Miss Saigon, Avatar, The Last Airbender) directed by Roxy Shih (Playtime, Table for Two), a Good Kids Productions project.
Jenny Kwan

Desiree Anderson Watch for Desiree in a national Jack in the Box commercial .. to learn more about the experience at Desiree Anderson’s Blog

Jack in the Box

Yi Tian

    • Yi Tian played the lead in one episode of the web series FRONT SEAT CHRONICLES. Presented by One-Economy Corp. and Feinman Productions, Inc. Located on the Public Internet Channel at Front Seat Chronicles
      Front Seat Chronicles (FSC) is a series about transformation – difficult everyday conversations that leave us changed in some profound way.
L-R: Producer Josh Feinman, Director Allen Sowelle, actress Yi Tian, Camera Operator Kevin Bailey, D.P. and Writer Director Devon K. Lee.

Danika Quinn

    • Danika Quinn played Laura in Chasing Happiness. A madam, a guru, a poker junkie and a young man with an all-consuming obsession, are all in search of the same thing.
          Chasing Happiness Trailer

Pepper Jay

  • Booked role of Sandy in TV pilot The Call.
The Call

The Call is a story about a crisis center. Sandy is an older “hippie” former schoolteacher who answers calls at the crisis center.

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