Actors Reporter Coverage of the 11th Annual Toscars Awards


Laura-Beth Hill covers the red carpet of the 11th Annual Toscars Awards for Actors Reporter. The Toscars are awards for films that spoof or parody the Best Film Oscar Nominations. With a celebrity red carpet and a glitzy ceremony, The Toscars celebrate 5 minute films created by randomly-selected teams. The Toscars 2018 was hosted by Lucy Pohl.

Lucy Pohl

BRITS IN LA presented THE 11th ANNUAL TOSCARS SHOW on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at the Renberg Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

The 9 Feature Films nominated for Best Picture by The Academy of Motion Pictures (OSCARS) and their parody Toscars film:

Call Me by Your Name – Call me by your Maid

Darkest Hour – Dankest Hour

Dankest Hour

Dunkirk – Dunsingin’

Get Out – Get Out La Tonya

Lady Bird – Lady Boy

Phantom Thread – Phattom Thread

The Post – The Twatter Post

The Shape of Water – The Shade of Aqua

Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri – Three Cellphones Inside Venice California

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