Actors Reporter Coverage of the 10th Annual Toscars Awards

The Toscars 2017

The Toscars parody the Oscars – From Hollywood red carpet premiere, Golden fist awards, tons of press, celeb judges, 10 short parody films = One Special night. It’s a nod and a wink to hollywood’s most famous night and a cheeky fun time is had by all.
Some come join us for some LIGHTS…… CAMERA……WHACTION!

2017’s Toscars entries are:

A Right Fool
The Pences
Whacksaw Fridge
Hell or Hot Sauce
Hidden Spaces
Mi Mi Land
Manchester by the Canal

Some Toscars 2017 Pix – more to follow!

Craig Robert Young
Toscars 2017 Team Leaders
Actors Reporter red carpet host Laura-Beth Hill
Craig Robert Young
Laura-Beth Hill and Terra Jole
Mark Kenealy
Craig Robert Young
Laura-Beth Hill with Maria Elena Infantino & Stefan Apostolov
Kat Kramer
Maria Elena Infantino
Toscars Red Carpet
Elke Madler

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