Actors Day in LA: STAGS, a full-length feature film: partying is such sweet sorrow

STAGS /’stags’ new sociological catefory: single men who stay 25 until they’re 50 – indefinitely putting off settling-down. Freq. engage in the mechanism of reproduction – but never reproduce. Commonly: spotted in cities; esp: in proximity to nightlife.

Actors Reporter host Kristina Nikols interviews Jamie Greenberg, director of the yet-to-be-released full-length feature film, “STAGS,” about the making of the film. Kristina also interviews actors in the film, Mark Giordano and Kimmy Gatewood

“STAGS” is a work of fiction. In reality all men are married with children by the age of 40.

STAGS is a feature comedy written and directed by Jamie Greenberg and produced by Ben Barenholtz. Starring Benim Foster, Mark Giordano, Jesse Joyce, Matthew Rauch, Kimmy Gatewood, and Jessica Faller as “Amber.”

A Note From Jamie Greenberg:

Before getting into film I had a career as a television writer and performer. I had some good success in television – co-creating shows for PBS & MTV, two Emmy nominations, etc – but I began to feel frustrated with the assembly line-nature of TV, and the lack of creative control. I felt that film would allow me to be more involved in the process.

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