Actors Day in LA – BACK OF BOOK, staged reading with Ed Asner, John Heard, Stephen Macht, Ross Benjamin, Larry Thomas


Actors Day in LA host Joe Sabatino follows actor Timothy “Tim” Slaske to the Falcon Theatre in Burbank, California, where Tim plays the role of “Scott” in Ryan Katzenbach’s, “Back of Book,” the staged reading.

Part 1 of 2: Rehearsal Footage plus exclusive interviews with Ed Asner, John Heard, Ryan Katzenbach, and Tim Slaske.
(Part 1 – Mobile Version)

Part 2 of 2: Rehearsal footage plus exclusive interviews with Stephen Macht, Ross Benjamin, Barbara Gruen, Bob Dennis, Larry Thomas, Dana T. Carney, and Marisa Petroro

(Part 2 – Mobile Version)

Enjoy exclusive interviews with “Back of Book” stars including “Mary Tyler Moore’s” Ed Asner, “Seinfeld’s” “Soup Nazi” Larry Thomas, John Heard, Stephen Macht, Ross Benjamin, Barbara Gruen, Marisa Petroro, Alex Martin, Bob Dennis, and Timothy Slaske.

“Back to Book” also stars Alex Martin, Joe Toppe, Johnny Kostrey, Scott Dittman, James Tumminia, Barbara Tarbuck, Loa Alleback, Tom Metcalf, Scott Rosenfeld, Dana T. Carney, and is narrated by Chris Haskell.
“BACK OF BOOK” was Written & Directed by Ryan Katzenbach

SYNOPSIS: A CHEATING WIFE. AN OVERBEARING COMPETING CAR DEALER. A PISSED OFF BUSINESS MANAGER. TWO ANGRY FACTORY REPS. WELCOME TO SHAWN SMITH’S DAY. And, it only gets worse from here. “Back of Book” is the story of how one man comes to terms with all the demons in his life while spending a day at a Buick dealership in Las Vegas.

The desired end-result of this staged reading is to get “Back to Book” picked up as a feature film.

Back of Book
Back of Book

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