Actors Day in LA – Actor Tony Franchitto with SAG PALS Reading Program reads to kids in L.A. schools

The SAG Foundation cordially invites you to participate in two rewarding projects that make perfect use of your talents as actors and expressive readers: reading and writing to elementary school students.

BookPALS is the SAG Foundation’s core literacy program. BookPALS read at elementary schools near their home on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, as their schedules allow.

Our mission is to stimulate children’s interest in reading and encourage them to read on their own; to awaken young imaginations; to enrich vocabularies and open the doors to a broader, richer landscape; to help children visualize and see themselves in other realities; and to inspire and motivate children to communicate and to listen.

Founded in 1985, the Screen Actors Guild Foundation is an educational, humanitarian and philanthropic 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

BookPALS Program
Get Involved
You Got The Part! The BookPALS Program Can Use Your Talents Today!
BookPals Program: You can use your dialects, your voices, your expression and enthusiasm to read aloud to children as part of the BookPALS program.
The Benefits

You’ll be adding to your skills as well as supporting the literacy of children around our state. We’ll train you and support you all the way. Visit the BookPALS website at

For Information Contact Robin Roy
323-684-8606, to find out more and to volunteer.
It takes just one hour a week to make a huge difference in children’s lives.

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