Acting Age Range

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Acting Age Range. One of the first things that defines an actor, besides his physical appearance, is his or her age range; the ages he or she can realistically play. Most of the time, we will only be considered for roles that are close to our own age. But who says an adult can’t play a child, or vice versa? Enterprising and versatile actors may be able to take on a wider range of character parts. If you can convince the casting team, the director, and ultimately the audience, you can open yourself up to a variety of other assignments.

“What is my acting age range?” This may be the most difficult question facing an actor because one may not be the best judge of one’s own capabilities. The bottom line: Don’t limit yourself. When you feel you may be appropriate for a role, regardless of age limitations, submit your headshot and resume — you may offer the casting folks an alternative they never would have thought of otherwise.

Enjoy learning more about Actor’s Age Range in this issue’s video article with your host Dan Woren.

In our next webcast article, our Career Cues topic will be: Memory Matters. Until then, try not to act your age.