A Message to Parents of Child Actors from Little Fish in a Big Pond

A Message to Parents of Child Actors

A lot of people want or think that their children want to be in show business. They watch television and see their children can act or dance. Don’t push them. What happens is that the children can change. You don’t want to have a meal ticket situation where you’re looking for your children to support you. What happens is the kids start to rule their families. It happens a lot with immigrants. They’ll put them in make up, the little girls. Words of wisdom. At auditions, they’ll make you wash it off. It will not happen. When children get inside (at an audition), the truth can be seen. A lot of times the children don’t want to be there and their parents have made them come and it’s heartbreaking. Some kids are natural even if they’re shy, they’re natural. You don’t want it to ruin their lives, in terms of what’s real and what’s fake. After a while, it’s very surreal. It’s scary when someone is so young. Many child actors have grown up and become screwed up or bitter about their childhood. So don’t force it. If the kids are really going to do it, they will and that’s where they learn if they’re going to survive.